Let's Take Action

Together We Will Win
If you feel you’ve been harmed in any way, whether psychologically, emotionally, medically, financially or otherwise, because of coronavirus restrictions, policies or protocols, you may have a claim against UK Government for causing these harms.

We know far too many individuals who have lost, or almost lost, their businesses; lost their jobs; lost loved ones, or been prevented from seeing them; denied the support of their social networks or been bullied, abused or vilified by others and censored on social media. Far too many have suffered tremendous anxiety, a relapse of mental illness or a rapid deterioration in their medical conditions. 

 Some have considered, and are still considering, taking their own lives; for they see no way out of a world that appears to be taking more and more of their freedoms and happiness every single day. For some, it is already too late.

We think these sufferings could have been prevented, and have been wholly unnecessary, if they resulted from “coronavirus measures.” We think the evidence will prove those measures were wrong, and Government should have known they were wrong.

Below is a video that explains to some extent what this case is about. The video describes parallel cases, which are being brought in Germany and in the USA. We are collaborating with Dr Reiner Fuellmich and the Corona Committee on the evidence behind our respective cases


In any legal case, it is vital that you take steps to help yourself as far as possible. Keep a record of everything you have done to try and resolve your issues, for example, keep copies of any letters sent and any responses you receive. Make a note of the dates and times and lengths of any telephone conversations, and the name and position of the people you spoke with, as well as what was spoken about.

Here are some suggestions of things you can do now, and should continue to do, because a Class Action of this nature is likely to take a very long time and there is no guarantee it will compensate you personally, or in the way that you expect. Taking these actions, or engaging your own lawyer, won’t preclude you from being included in this case.

DO write to your local MP, your Local Authority, your GP, your child’s school

DO contact the Citizens Advice Bureau: 0800 144 8848 (England) or 03444 77 20 20 (Wales) or ONLINE

DO keep demanding the care you are entitled to

DO get a friend to advocate for you if you can

TEMPLATE letters which you can use and adapt as necessary to fit your unique situation.

Samaritans: If you’re really struggling, please consider giving these wonderful human beings a call, one of our team can personally vouch for their ability to offer real support in a time of extreme crisis. We are in this together, and you deserve to be heard. Call a Samaritan for free, they are there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 116 123

For business losses, contact your insurer and ask if they’ll cover it under “Business Interruption”

DON’T give up