The UFU urges members to contact MLAs about climate change

Please note: The second stage vote on this Bill is expected in the NI Assembly in early May therefore, please take action as soon as possible.

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) is urging members to contact their local MLAs, highlighting their concerns about Clare Bailey’s Climate Change Private Members Bill currently progressing through the Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly.

Climate change has rapidly become a very significant issue both on the world stage and also more locally. The proposals currently moving through the NI Assembly could result in radical changes to livestock farming in particular and a transformation of land use across NI.

It is vital that the wider UFU membership start engaging on this important subject and play their part in lobbying politicians to prevent populist policies that are not backed up by evidence being imposed on us.

Climate change targets will influence other policies including future agricultural support payments therefore it is vital that the right targets are selected.

The UFU supports climate change legislation and the need to tackle emissions from agriculture but proposals must be fair and credible and backed by evidence – unlike this Bill.Experts in the Climate Change Committee have indicated that even by reducing meat and dairy production by 50%, in NI, we still would not hit the targets proposed in this Bill yet this Bill will become law this year unless a significant effort is put in to stop or amend it.

The UFU is encouraging members to play their part by sending an email/calling their local MLAs, Councillors, and MPs from all political parties.It is important to include your full name and address in the email so they can see that you reside in their constituency.

Here is a ready made letter to send your MLA – DOWNLOAD HERE

Below is a list of MLAs and their contact details or you can find yours here if you dont know who they are

Please contact the UFU if you need any other assistance (Aileen Lawson –

Mr Roy Beggs, East Antrim – Ulster Unionist Party 02893362995 / 🔹 Mr Stewart Dickson, East Antrim – Alliance Party02893350286 /🔹 Mr David Hilditch, East Antrim – Democratic Unionist Party 02893329980 /🔹Mr Gordon Lyons, East Antrim – Democratic Unionist Party02828267722 /🔹 Mr John Stewart, East Antrim – Ulster Unionist Party028 28272644 /🔹Mr Andy Allen, East Belfast – Ulster Unionist Party02890463900 /🔹 Ms Joanne Bunting, East Belfast – Democratic Unionist Party02890 797100 /🔹 Mrs Naomi Long, East Belfast – Alliance🔹 Mr Chris Lyttle, East Belfast – Alliance Party 028 9047 2004 /🔹Mr Robin Newton, East Belfast – Democratic Unionist Party 028 9045 9500 /🔹 Dr Caoimhe Archibald, East Derry/Londonderry – Sinn Féin02877742488 / 🔹 Mr Maurice Bradley, East Derry/Londonderry – Democratic Unionist Party 07833207015 /🔹 Mr George Robinson, East Derry/Londonderry – Democratic Unionist Party 02877 769191 /🔹 Cara Hunter, East Derry/Londonderry – Social Democratic and Labour Party🔹 Ms Claire Sugden, East Derry/ Londonderry – Independent 028 7032 7294 /🔹 Mrs Rosemary Barton, Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Ulster Unionist Party 02866 322 028 / 🔹 Ms Jemma Dolan, Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Sinn Féin 028 6638 6214 /🔹 Mrs Arlene Foster, Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Democratic Unionist Party028 66320722 / 🔹 Mr Colm Gildernew, Fermanagh and South Tyrone 🔹 Mr Seán Lynch, Fermanagh and South Tyrone – Sinn Féin 02867721642 / 🔹 Ms Martina Anderson, Foyle – Sinn Féin 028 713 77551 /🔹Mr Mark Durkan, Foyle – Social Democratic and Labour🔹 Ms Sinead McLaughlin, Foyle – Social Democratic and Labour🔹 Mr Gary Middleton, Foyle – Democratic Unionist Party02871346271 /🔹 Ms Karen Mullan, Foyle – Sinn Fé🔹 Mr Robbie Butler, Lagan Valley – Ulster Unionist Party 07915020777 –🔹 Mr Pat Catney, Lagan Valley – Social Democratic and Labour Party02892 528203 /🔹Mr Paul Givan, Lagan Valley – Democratic Unionist🔹 Mr Trevor Lunn, Lagan Valley – Independent028 9267 1177 /🔹 Mr Edwin Poots, Lagan Valley – Democratic Unionist 🔹 Mr Keith Buchanan, Mid Ulster – Democratic Unionist Party02879300295 / 🔹 Ms Linda Dillon, Mid Ulster – Sinn Féin02887748689 /🔹 Mr Patsy McGlone, Mid Ulster – Social Democratic and Labour Party02886758175 /🔹 Mrs Michelle O’Neill, Mid Ulster – Sinn Féin028 8627 7680 /🔹 Ms Emma Sheerin, Mid Ulster – Sinn Fé🔹 Mr Cathal Boylan, Newry and Armagh – Sinn Féin02837511797 /🔹 Mr William Irwin, Newry and Armagh – Democratic Unionist Party028 38870500 /🔹 Ms Liz Kimmins, Newry and Armagh – Sinn Féin02830261693 /🔹 Mr Justin McNulty, Newry and Armagh – Social Democratic and Labour Party02830267933 /🔹 Mr Conor Murphy, Newry and Armagh – Sinn Féin02830861948 /🔹 Mr Jim Allister, North Antrim – Traditional Unionist Voice028 256 40250 /🔹 Mr Paul Frew, North Antrim – Democratic Unionist Party02825659800 /🔹 Mr Philip McGuigan, North Antrim – Sinn Féin02827657198 /🔹 Mr Mervyn Storey, North Antrim – Democratic Unionist Party028 2766 9753 /🔹 Mr Robin Swann, North Antrim – Ulster Unionist Party02825659595 /🔹 Ms Paula Bradley, North Belfast – Democratic Unionist Party02890 830066 /🔹 Mr William Humphrey, North Belfast – Democratic Unionist Party02890744008 –🔹 Mr Gerry Kelly, North Belfast – Sinn Féin028 9521 5649 /🔹 Ms Nichola Mallon, North Belfast – Social Democratic and Labour Party02895150100 /🔹 Ms Carál Ní Chuilín, North Belfast – Sinn Féin02890740817 /🔹 Mr Alan Chambers, North Down – Ulster Unionist Party02891477555 /🔹 Mr Gordon Dunne, North Down – Democratic Unionist Party02890423322 –🔹Mr Alex Easton, North Down – Democratic Unionist Party02891889620 /🔹Mr Andrew Muir, North Down – Alliance🔹 Miss Rachel Woods, North Down – Green party 028 91273327 /🔹 Dr Steve Aiken, South Antrim – Ulster Unionist Party02893344966 – 🔹 Mr John Blair, South Antrim – Alliance / 028 9084 0930🔹Mrs Pam Cameron, South Antrim – Democratic Unionist Party02890 342234 /🔹Mr Trevor Clarke, South Antrim – Democratic Unionist Party028 9446 3273 /🔹Mr Declan Kearney, South Antrim – Sinn Féin02894548166 /🔹Ms Clare Bailey, South Belfast, Green Party028 9031 4455 /🔹 Ms Paula Bradshaw , South Belfast – Alliance Party028 9032 8162 /🔹 Ms Deirdre Hargey, South Belfast – Sinn Féin028 90 243 194 –🔹 Mr Matthew O’Toole, South Belfast – Social Democratic and Labour🔹 Mr Christopher, South Belfast – Democratic Unionist Party02890315329 /🔹 Ms Sinéad Bradley, South Down – Social Democratic and Labour🔹 Ms Sinéad Ennis, South Down- Sinn Féin028 4175 4448 /🔹 Mr Colin McGrath, South Down – Social Democratic and Labour Party028 43 798350 /🔹Ms Emma Rogan, South Down – Sinn Fé🔹 Mr Jim Wells, South Down – Democratic Unionist Party02841 769900 /🔹 Ms Kellie Armstrong, Strangford02891811414 /🔹 Mr Harry Harvey, Strangford – Democratic Unionist🔹 Miss Michelle McIlveen, Strangford – Democratic Unionist Party02891871441 –🔹 Mr Mike Nesbitt, Strangford – Ulster Unionist Party028 9182 1587 /🔹 Mr Peter Weir, Strangford, Democratic Unionist Party02891810858 /🔹 Mr Doug Beattie, Upper Bann – Ulster Unionist Party02838 350 004 /🔹 Mr Jonathan Buckley, Upper Bann – Democratic Unionist Party028 38 894477 /🔹 Mrs Dolores Kelly, Upper Bann – Social Democratic and Labour Party028 3832 2140 /🔹 Mrs Diane Dodds, Upper Bann – Democratic Unionist🔹 Mr John O’Dowd, Upper Bann – Sinn Féin02838349675 /🔹 Mr Gerry Carroll, West Belfast – People Before Profit Alliance02890 231628 /🔹 Ms Órlaithí Flynn, West Belfast – Sinn Fé🔹 Mr Fra McCann, West Belfast – Sinn Féin02890508989 /🔹 Mr Alex Maskey, West Belfast – Sinn Féin02890808404 /🔹 Mr Pat Sheehan, West Belfast – Sinn Féin02890613894 –🔹 Ms Nicola Brogan, West Tyrone – Sinn Féin02882253040 /🔹 Mr Thomas Buchanan, West Tyrone, Democratic Unionist / 02882 247702🔹 Mr Declan McAleer, West Tyrone – Sinn Féin02882253040 /🔹 Mr Daniel McCrossan, West Tyrone – Social Democratic and Labour Party02871882828 /🔹 Mr Maolíosa McHugh, West Tyrone – Sinn Fé