This graph shows that the measles vaccine was introduced when measles mortality was already flatlining.

On Monday, 22 February 2021 there will be a court hearing taking the US Government to court, seeking, effectively, an END to vaccine mandates across the entire country. Please visit the site for details of the case, there is even a link to be able to listen in live to the proceedings and you can donate to support the case, which I’m sure will be landmark for the entire world, if it wins.

Vaccine mandates are the reason and the end goal of the current coronavirus crisis.

‘Mandate’ doesn’t just mean the government says you must take a vaccine, or go to jail or get a fine. It means, if you ‘CHOOSE‘ not to take it, you can be denied certain rights, certain freedoms, certain privileges, certain accesses to jobs, positions, shops, airlines, countries, etc. etc. This is FORCED vaccination.

Force doesn’t always mean physical force. Forced vaccination doesn’t mean “they can literally take you and plunge a needle into your arm“, as Alan Dershowitz notoriously claimed last year in an interview.

And a government who allows any company, any industry, be it health, education, hospitality, or whatever, to FORCE its employees to get vaccinated (or tested, or masked…) or risk losing their job or being sidelined, or to make vaccination (or testing, or masking…) a condition of employment with them, is condoning mandatory vaccination (or testing, or masking…) even if that government doesn’t directly mandate jabs (or testing, or masks…!).

This graph shows that the Polio vaccine was introduced when Polio mortality was near zero. There followed a ‘spike,’ which may have been related to the vaccine, then it flatlined. Deaths did not rise when %age vaccinated population decreased.

The one and only reason given for mandatory vaccination is that vaccines eradicate disease, lower mortality, and that everyone must have them to protect the vulnerable (who can’t have them). Would it surprise the pro-vaxxers to discover that one of the exhibits in this momentous US case is an infographic showing (according to the Pearson criteria) a “very high correlation” between the number of vaccine doses on the CDC schedule and the prevalence of chronic disease in the US population?

The website for this case has ALL of the sources for the verifiable data, and all of the documentation they have filed, available for view and download. Please share this vital information with all your family, friends, doctors, nurses, schoolteachers and neighbours. This shows you care about their health and well-being, if they choose to ignore it, that is their choice. Eventually, the more this truth gets shared, the less people will refuse to hear the truth.

CACUK and Outlaw Medical Mandates is about to launch a campaign to educate the world about these truths, and to promote the signing of an international treaty that will ensure medical mandates NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. We would gratefully receive any donation you are able to offer, even if that ‘donation’ is just a SHARE of this vital cause.

Thanks so much for your kind attention. The world needs more prople like you. <3

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