Answer by Farzan Safavi

Its insane.

I have been quiet for too long and I don’t like this. I am sorry, I just don’t, I am a second generation immigrant from Ireland and to me, this is more like ethnic cleansing without including the public informed. My family is from Iran and I have all the right to say this. Ireland is a country where Irish people should be largely looked after first. I want to live in a secular state where religion is not part of people’s lives and there is no room to integrate Sharia Law as the country constitutional law.

My parents have told me how a civilization can go from nothing to shit within few months, they have felt a revolution and a war followed by Sharia Law. One may argue Iran can be classified as a developed country, well yes but it took Iranians 80 years to develop and to this day a country like Iran still needs to develop its human rights regarding women, LGBT, and minorities.

Now think about it, Ireland wants to import people from underdeveloped nations without any knowledge of the language, culture or the political mindset. It takes three generations for such people to assimilate, integrate and become part of the society and that’s if we evaluate the good immigrants from poor countries.

Plus I have science to prove it, there is something called Paris Syndrome, where one cannot accept one another culture because of its differences and this can lead to psychological injuries and more violence. I was recently shunned and called a xenophobe by a young Irish millenial because I highlighted such issue where he supported the fact of importing extremist Muslims from underdeveloped countries in Africa and parts of the Middle East.

To those loving left wing people who are liberal and support equality, diversity and living in harmony as those things are only great on the paper; Can you name many developed countries where they are not white or Asian?

I am pro immigration where individuals are educated, skilled and open to assimilate themselves as part of this society, Irish society. Welcoming thousands of people without any background check will lead only to chaos.



Answer by Danny McGrath

Judging by most of the answers here, most Irish people are living in la-la land if they can’t see what’s coming. Funnily enough, Farzan(born of Iranian immigrants) is one of the only posters here with the common sense to see what’s coming.

By 2040, Dublin will no longer exist as the capital city of Ireland in the sense of the traditional IRISH city that it once was. There will be large swathes of ghettoes consisting of 3rd-world immigrants. Globalisation will have done its work. Dublin – along with many other European towns and cities – will be just another generic place of division, along clashing cultural/religious lines.

The early results – and a perfect example of future projections – can be witnessed first-hand by any of the deluded champions of ‘diversity’ that are sure to attack and accuse me with all the usual cries of ‘racist’, ‘Nazi’, and ‘Islamaphobe’. Just go to Blanchardstown, West Dublin and see for yourselves how this ‘experiment’ is working out. I have seen with my own eyes, entire blocks of brand-new apartments, populated entirely by Africans and middle-eastern Muslims. I’m talking large families. In one apartment I saw up to 10 people, 3 of whom were elderly women in full Islamic dress. We hear the cries of ‘housing shortage’ all the time, yet, in effect, houses are being purpose-built specifically to accommodate 3rd-world immigrants? does this make sense? Does this seem like ‘natural population growth? What is the purpose? And remember folks, these are welfare dwellings. These buildings are all allocated for this purpose. These buildings are all funded by the Irish taxpayer. I.E – YOU.

A quick look at the employment statistics among 3rd-world immigrants across Europe paints the picture. In Germany alone, of the 1 million migrants that flooded in in 2015, only 3% are gainfully employed. The rest are funded by the German tax payer(which is also technically all other EU citizen taxpayers)

A recent internal demographic study in Germany, carried out over the last 2 years, has concluded that a whopping 42% of ALL Western Germans are not, in fact, German; they are immigrants. This is shocking. This is the future for Ireland.

A similar study in Saville town, Yorkshire demonstrated a 99% Muslim demographic. These are Deobandi Muslims. These people will NEVER integrate. That is not their purpose. I won’t go into that as it’s too obvious to anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of the Islamic ideology. Similar demographics can be seen all over England. This is the future for Ireland.

Then there are the crime statistics. You’d have to be either completely stupid, plain ignorant, or simply deluded, not to see how that’s been affected since the EU open borders debacle of 2015.

Whether I sound hyperbolic or intolerant, I don’t really care at this stage. I am actually a liberal-minded person, who takes each person I meet, regardless of background, as an individual. On the other hand, I am not allowing my views or opinions to be blinded by the cult of ‘diversity’. That would be a form of madness. Throughout 1000s of years of human history the most successful societies and civilisations have been those that share similar cultures, values, morals, and respect. And whether we like it or not, the simple fact is that modern European secular values are the pinnacle of that. Just do some research into what occurs on a daily basis in places like Pakistan, Iran, or any number of African countries. Are those values compatible with European society? Certainly not. Women, LGBTQ, and non-Muslims are treated horrendously. This is a simple fact that can’t be refuted. Talk to any woman who has escaped one of these Islamic countries and see if I’m lying.

‘Diversity’ isn’t a strength. It’s divisive and breeds natural enclaves of tribalism. To think otherwise is just foolish.

Islam IS NOT A RACE. It is an ideology. Criticising bad ideas is a basic human right that we enjoy in Europe. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Controlled skill-based immigration and mass welfare tourism are NOT the same thing. This should be glaringly obvious to even the most simple-minded.

And lastly, Project 2040 is a pipedream, cobbled together by a dishonest, weak, and useless government. It will never happen. Left-leaning parties all across the western world are jumping on the ‘migrant’ vote bandwagon. They would rather usher in the destruction of traditional European culture than lose their grip on power. The Irish government is a fully-fledged member of this cult.

Edit: this is an occurance that’s just come to my attention: in one of the ‘culturally enriched’ ghettos I mentioned above in Blanchardstown, a gang of Africans are placing debris on a narrow road. When motorists slow down or stop to navigate the roadblock they are attacked by the gang. They are dragged from the vehicle, assaulted, and the vehicle is stolen. If any of you south-side bleeding heart SJWs would like to leave your plush suburbs and prove me wrong I’ll gladly provide the exact location so you can take a Sunday drive up there and witness the REALITY of the ‘cultural diversity’ that you open border advocates crave so desperately(and ignorantly)

In the same general vicinity several African gangs are preying on takeout delivery drivers. They are ordering to addresses in the ghetto and attacking the drivers exactly as described above. As I write this 2 houses(welfare properties 100% supplied by the Irish taxpayer) of the African gang members have been burned out by a local Irish vigilante gang who are stepping in to protect Irish communities where the police and government have failed.

This is the REALITY of allowing hordes of 3rd-world migrants into our western communities: increased crime and violence, division, reciprocal hatred, anger, a drain on services, soaring unemployment. There are no positives. There is no integration. It is a pure fantasy to think this will all work out in some globalist utopia. Just look to other western countries far more advanced in 3rd-world demographics. There is no happy ending.