Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No.4) Regulations 2020
Division 160: held on 4 November 2020 at 15:59

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Dear Sirs,

Following the letter from Rational Global with the extensive list of harms caused by lockdownI read with dismay that you either voted to put me and my family under house arrest once again, or abstained from lending your voice to those who voted against.

Please do not reply with platitudes. I want hard evidence and not the lies and proven false data used by SAGE

Given the previous letter (crafted carefully with the help of the well researched and evidence based facts collated by Rational Global), made clear the devastating harms caused by lockdown 1, I am confused as to why you would ever agree to a repeat?

I am deeply concerned that you are still not aware of the facts as they stand and may even be making your decisions based upon the since proven completely false evidence, presented by the scientists at last weekend’s briefing.

I would like to refer you to the essential listening of the following Eminent Scientists, Leading Politicians, Concerned Citizens et al …

First are you aware of the Legal Case against the Govt unlawful actions? Please refer here to this interview that outlines the case.

To read more about the case:

Continuing the Legal concerns over these draconian, somewhat fascist style measures, please listen to the eminent previous Lord Chief Justice Lord Sumption in his address:

As you are no doubt by now aware our website is now gaining traction among the population, and as such, we have made the following public as well 

And whilst this article is a suggestion of how the public can use Law to support taking every member of the Govt to court for the crimes against them, their lives, their Human Rights etc, please know … these cases are already in actions across the globe and a Global Movement has already joined top Lawyers, Barristers, Scientists, Physicians, Psychologists et al together, in their efforts to bring correction to our Democracy:

Carl Heneghan, our most respected epidemiologist, who is the first to have raised alarms about the false recording of deaths, the duplication of data, the false use of data in the Govt scientist briefings:

As Teresa May rightly commented …” for many people it appears the figures are chosen to support the policy, rather than policy being based on the figures” She also rightly goes onto say “lack of data about the costs of making this decision… non-covid treatment in NHS, non-covid deaths, domestic abuse, rise in suicide, costs to the economy, businesses failing, whole sectors damaged… the government must have made this analysis, …let us see this analysis…

The Pandemic is over. An interview with the eminent scientist Mike Yeadon:
Sunetra Gupta, also eminent in her field and continually outspoken about the unnecessary lockdowns, which limits the human race in it’s usual response to infectious diseases:
Graham Hutchinson, ex-Senior Chief Biomedical Scientist, Public Health UK speaks out:

The Danish Study proves that the people forced to wear masks/ face coverings, are more likely to get sick than those who were not wearing them. There is a direct correlation between to rising risk of sickness, with those wearing masks for a longer period. This study is being suppressed to avoid the potential for legal actions exploding across the globe. It will not be suppressed for long.

Perhaps the most essential piece of reading that I ask you to give your attention, comes from the publication of the explanation of the much debated PCR test. Given the entire debate, fear mongering media and unlawful curtailment of our freedoms is based upon these tests, it is the most damning of all affirmations, that this pandemic is fraudulent:

I assume that as a constituent of yours, I am therefore a valued voice.

I assume that as a constituent and therefore voter, I am to be heard and my concerns will be registered and a response will be forthcoming.

the Rational Global teams have many concerned citizens working all hours to learn what the motivations of all MPs voting for these measures might be. So far their findings are disturbing and yet illuminating. Those will be published should the MP continue on their path to destroy the lives of the population.

I will conclude with this comment …


Failure to respond, will signify to me that you are NOT acting on behalf of your constituents and that you are happy for that fact to be made public.

I eagerly await your response, with explanations that counter the above concerns, with valid, proven facts, from those who do not have conflicted interests that stand to make them very wealthy, as in the case of the three scientists driving the Govt measures

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